Fanny Morino is a French artist based in Germany. She specializes in figurative painting on canvas with acrylics but her work also includes watercolors, oils and other media.

Despite never getting a formal education in art, she has been painting with acrylics for over 12 years and has participated in local exhibitions in her native region for many years. Since moving to Germany in 2014, she has extended her repertoire mostly with watercolors, pastels and ink.

Her portfolio includes some more traditional figurative paintings as well as more illustrative and graphic pieces such as Black Lake. A mix of bright colors and sometimes unexpected objects reflects the artist’s view of the world: anything can be beautiful if you know how to look at it. Often a little naive and idealistic at first glance, Fanny’s work often has a darker undertone and touches on deeper themes of difference, self and mental health inspired by her own life.

After getting back into painting as more than just a hobby in 2014, Fanny is now trying to grow her online presence and her reach as an artist through Facebook, Instagram and Patreon. She is also extending the range of her work by giving courses and workshops since 2017.

Fanny is also a student of Modern Sinology at the University of Göttingen and a fellow of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes). She has lived in 4 countries and speaks 4 languages including French, English, German and mandarin Chinese.


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