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MTG alter commission

To commission an altered card, please fill in the form below. (Feel free to use English, German or French)

If you are not certain about wanting to commission, please feel free to ask me any questions. Depending on your project, prices are negociable :)

Information you need to mention:
- What card(s) you want altered
- Basic description (frameless, extension, fanart...)
- If you have a deadline, I need to know, some alters may take up to a few months.
- Which country you live in (for me to approximate how long it will take for the card to get to me and back to you, as well as shipping costs)

I will then get back to you as soon as possible, and as soon as we agree on a design, we will set a price for the commission.

Things to consider:

The base price for any alter is 50€.

I approximate how much time I will spend on you project and then add 25€/extra hour after the 2 hours included in the base price. Even for very simple alters, basecoat, the time spent on, preparation, design etc... rarely come to under 2h (as an orientation, some of the more complex full art projects can take up to 6 hours to complete).
I then add in shipping costs for the shipping of your choice.

I do not sell cards.

You have to purchase the cards yourself and ship them to me first.

It may take time.

Altering is not my main occupation, and when commissions pile up, it may take up to a few months for me to get to your project. I will not take any commsissions if I assume it will take over 6 months to be completed and set a date for you to contact me again in the future.

Note that the data submitted (Name and email address) is not collected or stored for any purpose.

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