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Portrait Workshop Göttingen (August 2017)

Portrait Workshop



Languages/Sprachen: Deutsch, English
Place/Ort: Göttingen
Date/Datum: August 2017*
Cost/Kosten: 180€ (120€ Student) +20€ for materials (see below)

For this first edition we will be learning how to paint a portrait from scratch, the workshop will be divided into three 3-hour sessions over a few weeks 

Part 1: Anatomy and theory, sketching exercises
Teil 1: Anatomie und Grundlagen, Skizzierübungen

August 12. - 13.*

During the first 3 hours, we will be talking about faces and the different ways you can approach painting a portrait. I will give examples and we will do some practical structural exercises and sketches. At the end of the first session you should have a general idea of how you want to approach your final work and maybe have some sketches of the portrait you want to paint.

Materials: paper, pen, pencil, eraser, whatever you like sketching with or on.
Materialien: Papier, Stift, Bleistift, Radierer, was auch immer Sie gerne zum skizzieren benutzen.

Part 2: Starting a portrait: medium and composition
Teil 2: Anfang eines Porträts: Medium und Gestaltung

August 19. - 20.*

During the second session, we will start on your final project, talk about your chosen medium and how best to start putting your idea on paper or canvas. In this session I will be giving personalized advice depending on your own personal project, by then end you should have a good start on your portrait and some idea of how to finish it. 

Materials: Chosen medium and support for your final project (Acrylics, oil paint, pastels, watercolors, canvas, paper... and paintbrushes, palette etc. if needed)
Materialien: Gewähltes Medium und Malgrund für Ihr Projekt (Acryl, Ölfarben, Pastelle, Aquarelle, Keilrahmen, Papier... und Pinsel, Palette usw. falls nötig)

Part 3: Painting a portrait, full painting session and feedback
Teil 3: Portät malen: malen Sitzung und Feedback

August 26. - 27.*

In the final session, you will mostly be painting and I will give you individual feedback and tips for your project. You might still not be very far along, or already almost finished depending on the medium you chose and if you worked on your portrait since the last session. Even if you are not completely done by the end of the workshop I want you to at least leave with enough pointers to finish on your own.

Materials/ Materialien: see part 2 / siehe Teil 2


*Dates and time are still flexible

There are only 5 spots for the first workshop, if I get too much demand I will try and organize it again later in the year, so don't hesitate to contact me!
Es stehen nur 5 Plätze zur Verfügung, falls die Nachfrage höher ist, werde ich versuchen, später im Jahr einen weiteren Workshop zu organisieren, also melden Sie sich auf jeden Fall!

As soon as we have enough participants we will set up either a WhatsApp/Telegram group or a mailing list to keep everyone updated on the place and time.
Sobald wir genug Teilnehmer haben, werden wir einen WhatsApp/Telegram Gruppe oder eine Mailingliste einrichten, um alle über den Ort und die Zeit zu informieren.

The workshop will cost 60€ (40€ for students) per person per session (total 180€/120€), please bring your own materials, if you can't I will provide them for a participation of 20€ over the whole workshop. The is no obligation to participate in all 3 sessions although it is preferred.
Der Workshop kostet 60€ (40€ für Studenten) pro Person pro Sitzung (gesamt 180€/120€). Bitte bringen Sie Ihre eigenen Materialien mit, falls Ihnen das nicht möglich ist, kann ich Ihnen für eine Beteiligung von 20€ für den gesamten Workshop Materialien bereitstellen. Es besteht keine Pflicht an alle Sitzungen teilzunehmen, ist aber erwünscht.

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Fanny Prouté